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Meet Anna Bowen, Script Supervisor.

As an experienced Script Supervisor with a great eye for visual composition and superior organizational skills, Anna Bowen helps smooth the production process on feature films and television shows.  Her talents are essential to the successful completion of any production.

Anna works closely with Directors, Editors, Sound Mixers and other key personnel to ensure that, despite the fact that films may be shot entirely out of script sequence, they make continuous verbal and visual sense when finished.

As a Script Supervisor, Anna closely observes every shot filmed, taking extremely precise and detailed notes in order to provide an authoritative reference point should any doubt arise about how a previous take or scene was filmed. This includes detailed continuity notes and photographs or sketches of each actor and camera position for each shot.

Her detailed records of dialogue, action, costumes, props and set design help the director and editor ensure the film is not disrupted by continuity errors which may distract the audience or detract from the quality of the finished product.

Anna’s qualifications include:
  • A meticulous and methodical attention to detail
  • A good sense of visual composition, perspective and movement
  • Ability to collaborate and to work as part of a team
  • Diplomacy and sensitivity when working with artists and crew
  • Ability to trouble shoot and respond quickly to changing circumstances
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to be amiable and calm in difficult situations

Contact Anna to discuss your project and your requirements for a professional, experienced Script Supervisor.